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Set-Up & Tear Down Details

Show Hours:
Saturday, April 12, 2024: 9am to 4pm
Sunday, April 13, 2025: 9am to 3pm

Set-up: Barnfield will be available from 5 to 8pm on Thursday, April 10. If you have a large display which may take longer to set-up, or truck access is necessary, please plan to set up this evening. It is imperative that you contact show management to advise your set up time. All other exhibitors will set up from 8am to 6pm on Friday, April 12. Prior to the show, you will be advised as to the best time to set-up your booth depending on your booth location. NOTE: You must make your own arrangements if a fork lift or dollies are required.

Tear-down: You may begin breaking down your display after the Show closes at 3pm on Sunday, April 13 and no sooner. All exhibits must be removed from the facility on Sunday evening.

Exhibits: Exhibits must be staffed at all times during the Show hours. All signs must be professionally produced. Literature distribution and other marketing must be done within your booth space. Show Management reserves the right to alter booth space as required. Carpeting and/or area rugs are mandatory for the floor of your booth. Tables, chairs, carpeting, etc are responsibility of the exhibitor.

Security: Security will be provided from 6pm on Friday, April 11 to 10am Sunday, April 13 during non-operating hours.

Insurance: The exhibitor releases show management and sponsors, along with any assignees or employees, from any injury or damage incurred by the exhibitor and their agents. Show management is released from all liability and responsibility for theft, damage, or accidents with regard to all exhibitor displays prior to, during, or after the Show. Product liabilities and guarantees are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

Electrical: One 120 volt receptacle is included with booth rental. Please advise show management at least two weeks prior to the Show if you require more power.

Drapery: Each booth, where possible, will have 8’ drapes at the rear and 2.5’ drapes at the sides.

Carpeting: Aisles will be carpeted and all exhibitors are required to have carpeting or floor coverings for the floor of their booths.

Parking: There is limited parking at the facility so we ask all exhibitors to park in the designated exhibitor parking area. Watch for the signs.

Prizes: Each exhibitor is required to supply the Show with a prize (retail value not less than $50.) Prize description and value must be noted on the contract to hold booth space. These prize draws are done throughout the Show by show management. They do not replace draws done at your booth but are a supplement to them.

Payment: All deposits are non-refundable, with all monies non-refundable after March 1, 2025.


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